//Disclaimer before we start// Edit

This page is mainly for those who understand super-advanced technical roleplay. Let's begin!

Scene 1: War scene. Edit

You all must pretend you are fighting with your opponent.

Lightfang: X The Muscular, Pulchritudinous, Masculine Slate Feline Stooped Beneath The Lush Lime Green Grass, His Trentonomous Sicogliceneral Fixated Predominantly On The Oblivious Opposition. His Foe, Whose Vertebral Column Was Turned Away, Did Not Perceive That Hew Was Targeted. Instinctively, The Mesomorphic Felis Catus Ascended High Into The Muggy Atmosphere, Disturbing The Lengthy Grass And Unsettling The Soft Mist. He Unsheathed His Serrated Unguis, And His Front Limbs Pointed Towards His Adversary As He Descended. His Pointed Unguis Gouged At The Thick Flesh Of His Opponent, Drawing A Long Vertical Line Of Sanguine Fluid On The Surface Of His Scapula, And Hauling His Limbs Down Towards The Terrain, Dragging The Sanguine Fluid Further Towards His Opponent's Humerus. The Adversary Clawed Back Helplessly. All Four Limbs Met The Ground, The Vicious Masculine Feline Locked Both His Mandible And Maxilla Around Their Floccose Trachea. His Foe Gasped For Air, And The Feline Unlocked Both Jaws, And The Foe Fell Upon The Terrain, A Flow Of Crimson Sanguine Fluid Cascaded Out Of The Opposition's Trachea, Ending Their Pathetic Life Once And For All. X