”ʻO wauʻo Ashstar, ke alakaʻi o nā ahi ahi, ka lehu i lehu, a me nā maka e puka mai ana mai ke ahi mai.” - “I am Ashstar, leader of flames, paws made of ashes, and eyes that come from the fire.” -Ashstar
Ashstar is a gray tabby (with darker flecks) and amber eyes.

Background StoryEdit

Before, Ashstar was simply a loner named Ash. At 6 Moons, her parents Cinder and Fire had died. She only had Fern. On her journey, she and Fern met more friends along the way, and finally, made CinderClan.


  • Sister to Fernleaf
  • Has nine lives
  • Named CinderClan after her mother, Cinder, though in stories of how CinderClan was created, her mother was there as Cinderstar.