Birchpaw is a light brown tabby she-cat with a green and yellow eye and long fur. She is an apprentice of NightClan.

Family ~ Edit

Birchpaw's Family is unknown. But I would like to saw, Birchpaw's parents were rogues ;)

~ Facts ~ Edit

  • She is roleplayed by Sandy.
  • She was born as a rogue.
  • Birchpaw is Sandy's first ever roleplaying character.
  • Her mentor is Iceleaf.

~ Bonus! ~ Edit


Birchpaw's early life begins when she was a rogue. Birch was the strongest kit out of her littermates. Her mother was proud, but her father disliked her of her showing-off. He left Birch and her family in the woods. Birch's mother was heartbroken. She was mad, and fought him. Birch's mother died bravely. Birch's siblings were scared, so they become kittypets. But Birch didn't give up. She explored, and found NightClan's camp. The leader accepted her, as she was brave, loyal and kind.