About BloodClan

BloodClan lives in the east and southeastern portions of the Twoleg Clans territory. They eat any forest prey and the occasional fish, bird, or lizard. BloodClan is strong, fierce, brave, and loyal. BloodClan accepts Loners, Rogues, and Kittypets to join their Clan.



Bloodstar - Blood-red tom with green eyes. Infinite lives. (Roleplayed by Oak)


Tanglestorm - Fluffy gray tom with blue eyes and messy fur. (Roleplayed by ------)

Medicine Cat:

Poppyfall  - ginger she-cat with amber eyes and black flecks that look like poppy seeds. (Roleplayed by ------)

Meddy Cat App.:


Warriors (there can be up to 20):

Blackfrost - Black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Mate to Bloodstar and Mother to Tigerwhisker and Willowtail. (Roleplayed by ------)

Tigerwhisker - Brown and black tom with green eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Willowtail - Blue-grey she-cat with pale blue eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Apprentices (there can be up to 10):

Grasspaw - Brown tom with white paws and bright green eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Queen and Kits (there can be up to 5 queens):

Fuzzybird - Fluffy blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes and white paws. Mother of Tanglestorm's kits. (Roleplayed by ------)

Cloudkit - Fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Shadowkit - Fluffy black and white tom with green eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Stormkit - Fluffy tortiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. (Roleplayed by ------)

Elders (there can be up to 5):


Roleplaying Territory

The Star Rock


BloodClan's Territory

BloodClan's Camp

Leader's Den
Medicine Cat's Den
Warrior's Den
Apprentice's Den
Elder's Den

BloodClan's Training Area