This is the page where you can adopt characters. If you want to put a character up for adoption, write a form in the comments and you will be put on the waiting list, for people to see and adopt your OCs. If you want to adopt an OC, you can edit this page below the white line and you will be reviewed by an Administrator until your OC is given to you.


You must understand that you cannot adopt an OC to immediately give it away again, You must give it 5 weeks before you can give it away again (if you so desire to.)

Example: Littlestar Edit

This is an example of how you would ask to adopt a cat:

Here you write a paragraph (5 to 6 sentences long if possible) explaining why you want to adopt this character, why you deserve this character, and what you would do with this character.

Here you would post your signature.

Post All Request Below In The CommentsEdit

(putting an OC up for adoption)Edit

OC name:RavenTail

Age:25 moons


Any limitations? Yes, water

Positive Points:hunting,listening to elders stories, helping in the nursery

Negative Points:clan war, prey stealing,non-loyal clan mates

Neutral Points: patroling and hunting

OC Art / Picture:there!)


OC Description:RavenTail is a she-cat. She enjoys hanging out with the elders,other warriors,kits,and queens. Her favorite hobby is Patroling and Hunting. She dislikes when clans go to war or a fight between two cats happen, but she will fight for her clan if Necessary. She has always wanted an apprentice that would want to be just like her. She has no mate and no litter-mates. Her Mother died from Death berries but her father is still alive just gone living as a rouge...

(adopting an OC below this line)Edit

(Sandstone25's request)

I would really like to roleplay Stagkit. I only have 2 roleplaying characters, and I would like to have another one. They are both in NightClan, and I would like to have a BlossomClan character. I would roleplay my best with Stagkit. Sandstone 07:44, February 24, 2019 (UTC)

Message from the Administrator

YesCongratulations, your request has been accepted! You are now free to take Stagkit to your Clan, and introduce your new OC to your Clanmates! Please click HERE to see your list of OCs that you have adopted or given away!

I'd like to adopt Raventail since she seems like a cool OC, and I need more Rp characters. -User:Texaswild|TExas

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