//Disclaimer before we start// Edit

This page does not contain long advanced vocabulary, but it does contain lots of words that describe the setting, the character and the mood/atmosphere. Let's begin! ((P.S: We don't need signatures on this page))

//Scene 1// Edit

We are padding back from a long day of hunting, and we see a pack of hungry-looking wolves.

Lightfang: X With a pain in his front limbs and his spine, Lightfang was ready to pad back into his warm, green-leafed den, to catch some sleep. However, he still had a large, lifeless deer to drag back to the prey pile along with his Clanmates. The deer was a struggle to hunt, but himself, alongside four other cats, managed to tear it down and end it's life for them to feast on as soon as he got back to camp. One of the apprentices at the back had two plump mice hanging from his jaw, and the she-cat next to him had a rabbit hanging from hers. After a successful day, he knew it was time to celebrate with a deer-feast, and then have a long, well deserved snooze. X