πŸ”₯ Lore πŸ”₯
Welcome to our page of old traditions.

The Beginning

When left alone with his brothers and sisters, abandoned in a woods by their two-legs, Flamingstar was left to fend for himself. He was not a kitten, but he was young and afraid. After a while of hunting small rodents, the young kitten became tough on the inside, and he decided to form his own Clan based off of his anger at his two-legs. FlamingClan was born, and Flamingstar now believe he can defeat all of his enemies.

The Hunting Festival

Every year, on the First Sunrise, all the cats from FlamingClan gather together to havve an annual Hunting Festival, where they all get their chance to prove how skilled they are at hunting, and they get to show off their stamina. Once all the prey have been caught, the tired cats will thank StarClan and have a giant feast to celebrate the coming together of their Clan.

The Green-leaf Season

The Green-leaf Season is where the trees finally re-grow their leaves, which occurs after Bare-tree Season. All Medicine Cats will find as many herbs as they please, and the Kits will be able to come out of their nursery to explore the wonders of Green-leaf Season.

The Welcoming Celebration

When a new cat is welcomed into FlamingClan, a celebration is held in the heart of the Clan Territory. Lots of prey will be caught, and fresh water will be collected from the crystal stream that runs through the territory. The new cat will receive their chosen rank, and they will be showered with marigold petals, which are thought to have strong healing petals. The celebration will progress throughout the whole entire day, until they are warmly welcomed into their dens.