"Why are you waiting? Let's go on an adventure!"


* Foxglove is a small, russet-pelted she-cat. Her eyes are a grayish-blue, almost slate. She has gray tipped ears and a white underbelly, along with a white tipped tail and white paws.


Foxglove makes friends with almost everyone, and talks to (nice) strangers as if they were friends. When she makes a best friend, she always wants to take them out of their comfort zone to go on adventures. She's always up for a challenge and although she is not the biggest and strongest of cats, she's still tough on the inside.

Name Origin

* Foxglove got her name from the place she was born. She was born near a patch of foxgloves. Her mother, who died when she was little, gave birth to her after her father had died a few weeks back in a wolf attack. Foxglove was left to fend for herself, and a strange path of foxglove flowers led her to her HomeClan.