About NightClan

NightClan is ruthless and fierce. They love the night, and train their apprentices to hunt and fight in the dark. They view themselves as the strongest and best Clan. They eat any forest prey and the occasional fish. They dislike BlossomClan and constantly try to take over some or all of their territory.



Moonstar - Pale grey she-cat with blue eyes. 5 lives. (Roleplayed by Bloody)


Lightfang - Light grey and white tom with long, shape fangs and amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Medicine Cat:

Starflower - White and ginger she-cat with black paws and blue eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Meddy Cat App.:

Mintpaw- grey she-cat. Roleplayed by Lilly

Warriors (there can be up to 20):

Iceleaf - Grey and black she-cat with green eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Fogberry - Multi-shaded grey tom with amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Embereye - Black and ginger tom with amber eyes. Mate to Poppyfoot, Father to Copperpaw. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Iceblaze- white she-cat. Roleplayed by Lilly

Coldheart - White tom with ice-blue eyes. (Roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Foxheart- dark ginger tom with black front paws and light brown eyes ( Roleplayed By Frostyness)

Apprentices (there can be up to 10):

Copperpaw - Bright ginger tom with bright blue eyes. Mentor is Fogberry. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Bloodpaw - Ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Mentor is Moonstar. (Roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Queen and Kits (there can be up to 5 queens):

Poppyfoot - Brown, black, and grey she-cat with blue eyes. Kits to in 2 Moons, Mother to Copperpaw. (Roleplayed by Bloody)

Elders (there can be up to 5):


Roleplaying Territory

The Sky Tree

NightClan's Territory

NightClan's Camp

Leader's Den
Medicine Cat's Den
Warrior's Den
Apprentice's Den
Elder's Den

NightClan's Beach

NightClan's Training Area