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  • DO NOT create multiple accounts to vote more than once. This breaks a lot of rules.
  • At least 2/3rds of the voters must support, or the nomination doesn't pass.
  • If there's a nomination up for you, you have to answer the questions provided here.
  • If you're nominated, you have to approve of the nomination by posting the questions, unless you nominate yourself, then you should post the question with your nomination.
  • Admins may not nominate other users, but they MUST vote if the are active.
Cast Your Vote

Yes -You agree to this vote. Type {{Aye}} ~~~~
No -You disagee to this vote. Type {{Nay}} ~~~~
Comment -You have a comment or question. Type {{Comment}} ~~~~
No Vote -You choose not to vote. Type {{Substain}} ~~~~
End Vote -ONLY FOR ADMIN. The End of the vote, type the results after. Type {{EndVote}} (Results) ~~~~

Start a new Nomination

The nomination needs to be placed in the right section as written below.


Questions (questions go here, numbered as the were originally, with the answers written under each one)




Post Requests Here


Name: Ninjadark27 (But call me Ninja!)

Questions: None so far...

Support: I have had lots of experience being moderator in several wikis, and I've been doing so for 4 months now. I've had experience dealing with spamming, calling names, etc. I am active almost every day.

Against: I may be inactive for a lot of days due to real life... I try to make it every day.

Comments: Good luck to whoever is going against me.</center>
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