These are rules for Warriors Cats Clan Roleplay wiki. Please read them before roleplaying.

Roleplaying Rules

  • 5-7 OCs per person, unless you recieve an admin's permission to have more.
  • Don't roleplay another user's cat unless you have been given permission to.
  • Don't depict mating scenes!
  • You have a month to roleplay your character before it is put up for adoption (that's if you even want to get rid of that OC)
  • Don't curse unless it's in Clan Terminology, that being mouse-dung, mouse-brained, fox-dung, etc.

Picture Rules

  • Only upload relevant pictures (E.G:Clan territory, OC pictures, OC art)
  • Only use art that you have drawn yourself, or have gotten permission to use.


Please use these sites/pictures for your character art. If you have any other suggestions, please put them on the Gathering page (when it is open).

Here are some links you may use:


  • Don't curse. Only use Warrior Cats terminology, only when you need to.
  • Don't add pictures that are not appropriate for all ages. (mating - gory scenes)
  • Your blogs can be about anything as long as they follow the other rules,
  • Do not dare people to do inappropriate things (aka - dare someone to curse at an admin)
  • No sharing personal information. Only first names are allowed. (You are one in millions of people with the same name, it's no big deal :D)
  • No advertising.

Admin Rules

  • Do not favour your friends, treat everyone the same.
  • Before you ban (either Block or Chat Ban) someone, consult THIS person
  • Before you give someone rights, consult THIS person
  • If you do ban someone, leave them a message before you do so, explaining why they are receiving the ban, for how long it is, when it will be up, and how they can avoid receiving another ban.


If you break the rules you'll be punished.

  • 1st offense - Warning (Or 1 day ban if the offence is bad enough)
  • 2nd offense - 2 day ban.
  • 3rd offense - 4 day ban
  • 4th offense - 1 week ban
  • 5th offense - 2 week ban
  • 6th offense - 1 month ban
  • 7th offense - 2 month ban
  • 8th offense - 1 year ban - IP address blocked
  • 9th offense - 2 year ban - IP address blocked

Helpful Tips/Guidelines

Creating A Character Page

  • A character page needs a picture. This could be art (used with permission or your own) or a real life picture of your OC
  • You can either code it or add an info box
  • Add a description.
  • Make it unique - don't stick to the same formats for different OCs.
  • Add a Trivia section (not required)

Joining A Clan

  • Leave a message in the Clan's comments.
  • An admin or Staff member will come and add you in.
  • Then you create a character page, matching the criteria of above.
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