Silvermoon is a silver tabby, she-cat, with blue eyes.


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Silvermoon is kind, thoughtful, brave, smart, loyal, and caring.

Silvermoon does not like it when you mess with her family. Nor her clan. Even if she doesn't like a clan-mate, she will die for them.

Detailed  descriptionEdit

Silvermoon is a beautiful, lithe, steel-silver tabby, with black, luxurious stripes, a white underbelly, paws, and tail tip, an long, feathery tail, pretty, blazing blue eyes, and soft, luxurious fur.


  • She is straight.
  • She has no scars, as of unable to be beaten in battle.
  • Silvermoon is open for all kin! Ask to Rp now!
  • Silvermoon does not like it when a tom she doesn't like is flirty. She does like it when a tom she likes is flirty however.
  • She isn't tom-crazy, so she doesn't seem to have many crushes.
  • She is Texas's prized OC! Though she doesn't have the same likes as Texas.