Simba is a small, gentle male lion cub with light yellow eyes, and a sandy overcoat. 
OC Name Simba
AJ User Ønyxx
Creator Ønyxx
Pride West Savannah
Inclination Enthusiastic
Status Active & Alive
Species Panthera leo
Breed Lion Cub
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I'm Simba. I know I'm young, but please, don't underestimate me- I can probably run as fast as you can. Just... remember that I'm just as competent as you, even if I'm not perfect. I live with my 31 other lion relatives in the West Savannah Pride. I'm proud of being in that Pride because my parents are the leaders.

Thank you all for first on Original Characters! Feel free to ask questions for Simba in the comments, and remember that you can always contact his creator if you'd like to roleplay with him. 
Information Birth & Family

General Information

  • Name - Simba
  • Future Name(s) - None
  • Previous Name(s) - None
  • Nicknames - Flash (He is really quick)

Roleplayer Information

  • AJ Username - Ønyxx
  • Discord Username - Animalchat122#7573
  • Creator - Ønyxx
  • Roleplay - Literate Descriptive Traditional

Character Information

  • Inclination - Enthusiastic
    • Inclination Explanation - Although Simba isn't the biggest of all lions, as he is only three years old, he is still willing to do anything sensible for anyone.
  • Element - Earth
  • Status - Alive; Active
  • Affiliation - n/a
    • Title - n/a
    • Former Titles - n/a
    • Thoughts on Pride - "I love it and I am proud of how big it is. "


  • Birth Date - August 31, 2016
  • Creation Date - August 13, 2018
  • Age - 12 moons
  • Birth Place - West Savannah Pride
  • Gender  - Male
  • Zodiac - Gemini, has a twin.
  • Breed - Panthera Leo (Lion)

Name - User - Affiliation - Status - Relation

  • tba

Circumstances of Birth
Simba was born under an acacia tree in the hot, hazy territory of the West Savannah Pride.

Cubhood [0-6 moons]
He is still currently a Cub, as he is three years old.

Corporeal Dispositional


  • Summary - Simba is a large, sandy lion cub with yellow eyes. His underbelly is white in comparison to his sandy fur. Simba is very small and young, and usually gets misunderstood because others judge too quickly.
  • Fur - Simba has short, fuzzy fur, generally smooth to the touch. The lion cub's fur is a beautifully sandy colored.
  • Build - Simba is a small lion with short legs, and large paws. 
  • Body Type - Ectomorph
    • In-Depth Body Type - Simba's body type is a thin, yet short-legged and large-pawed build.
  • Scars & Wounds - None
  • Voice - Simba's voice is soft and medium-pitched, not yet broken.
  • Dispositional Summary - Simba is a gentle cub with a tendency to be misheard or forgotten about. Although he is often overlooked for his quiet, gentle nature, Simba is kind and relatively intelligent for his age. 
  • [+] Positive Traits
    Cute ⋆ Ferocious (ish) ⋆ Enthusiastic
    • Summary of Positive Traits - Simba is a leader in the making, and he will make a good leader one day.
  • [=] Neutral Traits -
    Quiet ⋆ Gentle ⋆ Shy
    • Summary of Neutral Traits - He may not want to face his fears,
  • [-] Negative Traits -
    Submissive ⋆ Poor Self-Esteem ⋆ Soft-spoken
    • Summary of Negative Traits - Sometimes he is not heard or misunderstood because he is so small and young.
Intrapersonal Quotes, Trivia & Misc.


  • Eye Candy (Physical) - Simba currently is not looking for a mate, as he is more interested in playing around in the dirt with his friends than finding a girlfriend.
  • Eye Candy (Mental) - Same as above.
  • Sexuality - Heterosexual

Looking for:
[Key: ✓ (yes), ྾ (no), ? (unsure), ❦ (maybe), ❧ (leaning to no)]

  • [✓] Long-lasting Relationship
  • [྾] Short-term Relationship
  • [྾] Open Relationship
  • [྾] Quick Fling
  • [྾] Kits (out of a fling)
  • [✓] Kits (out of a stable, long-lasting relationship)
  • Current Mate/Crush - n/a
    • "I don't currently like anyone at the moment..."
  • Past Mates/Crushes - n/a
  • Lions Simba is Attracted to - n/a
  • Lions Simba Was Formerly Attracted To - n/a
  • Lions Attracted To Simba - n/a
  • Lions Formerly Attracted To Simba - n/a


These opinions are of the OC, not the roleplayer.
Name - User - Relation - Bullets - Status
"Buffalocrown's thoughts."

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These opinions are of the OC, not the roleplayer.
Name - User - Relation - Bullets - Status
"Buffalocrown's thoughts."

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Bullet Guide

10px //Slight Crush

10px10px //Crush

10px10px10px //Love


10px //Trust

10px10px //Envy

10px10px10px //Regret

10px //Like

10px10px //Respect

10px10px10px //Idolize


10px //Slight curiosity

10px10px //Major curiosity

10px10px10px //Interested

10px //Shy

10px10px //Nervous

10px10px10px //Discomfort


10px //Acquaintance

10px10px //Friend

10px10px10px //Close friend

10px //Unease

10px10px //Disgust

10px10px10px //Aversion


10px //Wants to get to know

10px10px //Misses

10px10px10px //Can't bear without

10px //Relatives

10px10px //Family

10px10px10px //Joint at the hip


10px //Slightly suspicious

alt10px //Very suspicious

10px10px10px //Distrusts

10px //Annoyed by

10px10px //Dislike

10px10px10px //Hate


10px //Dead

10px //Missing/Status Unknown

10px //Family

10px //Mate

10px //Fling/Ex-Mate

Ask Simba!
This is where you can ask Simba questions, and he'll reply in the comments! Questions will be recorded in this section, and if you ask an especially entertaining one you might get featured.

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