Welcome to TexasClan!Edit

​​​​​​Welcome, I am Dapplestar, the new Clan's leader. I was Dapplesong, but I left my Clan, to make a new one. Their leadership was cruel, and most cats hated it. Deerdapple, our medicine cat, was mated by The Tom, so, StarClan disapproved her as a medicine cat, as of expecting kits. Deerdapple was killed in the birth, so The Tom chose few she-cats for mates, inclooding me. So, I left, but I was expecting. So, when I was given lives, my kits, Deersong, Silverdawn, and Lovedawn, we're given fifteen lives, each. I was so glad! But soon, The Tom came back, and I don't even know how I was expecting his kits again.... But he was killed by Silverdawn. Well, that's our history! 

The ClanEdit

Leader: Dapplestar (RPed by Tex, open for mate.)

​​​​​​Deputy: Silverdawn (Rped by Tex, open for mate.)

Medicine cat: Junipershine (Rped by Ninja)


Lovedawn (Rped by Tex, mate open.)

Deersong (Rped by [[User:|Texaswild|Tex]].)


Dapplestar (Ask to own one of the kits!)