These are the Clans that live on the Island (or separate islands).



NightClan is ruthless and fierce. They love the night, and train their apprentices to hunt and fight in the dark. They view themselves as the strongest and best Clan. They eat any forest prey and the occasional fish. They dislike BlossomClan and constantly try to take over some or all of their territory.


ForestClan is proud and loyal. They cling to their forests, and are at home in the leaves of their many trees. They view themselves as bravest and the best Clan. They eat forest prey, fish, and birds. They get along well with every Clan except NightClan.


StormClan is strong and fast. They love the moorland, but are efficient in any environment nonetheless. They view themselves as the fastest and best Clan. They eat rabbits, birds, and some forest prey. They keep to themselves, but are friendly with ForestClan.


BlossomClan is holy and peaceful. Before any cat can become an Warrior, they must journey to The Sky Tree, this helps BlossomClan to be close to StarClan. They view themselves and StarClan's chosen Clan and as the most peaceful Clan. They will eat forest prey, fish, birds, lizards, and frogs. They view all Clan's equal, even though they often fight with NightClan.


ParadiseClan is a traditional clan that is located on a tropical island, with palm trees and crystal clear blue water everywhere. They hold lots of festivals and welcoming rituals that allows everyone to be invited.


Island Clan Territory