About Twolegplace

Twolegplace surrounds the Twoleg Clans' territory. It is home to many Rogues, Loners, Kittypets, other assorted animals (Dogs included), and, of course, Twolegs. It has many Twoleg dens, of assorted sizes, shapes, and heights. A fence surrounds the forest in which the Twoleg Clans live.

Cats Who Live Here


Magic - White she-cat with grey eyes. 

Monkey - Brown tom with brown eyes.

Fluffy - Very fluffy white tom with bright blue eyes. 

Princess - Black she-cat with green eyes and white paws. 


Fang - A white and black tom with blue eyes, father to Alister, mate to Jingo. 

Alister - A black, white, and silver tom with blue eyes, mate to Magic. 

Dusty - light brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (Roleplayed by Cinderstar)

Thorn   Silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes. 

Pheonix - fiery ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes. Jason's mate. 

Jason - Gray tabby and white tom with green eyes. Pheonix's mate. 

Alex -  small but tough black and white tom with blue eyes. Pheonix and Jason's son. 


Jingo - Silver and brown she-cat with green eyes. 

Raven - Black tom with strang, purple eyes.

Lucky - Black tom with green eyes. 

Clover - White and silver she-cat with green eyes. 

Flora - calico she-cat with green eyes. Pheonix and Jason's daughter. 

From Here You Can Go To....

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Pheonix's Camp

The Star Rock

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